New business needs with pricing that simply scales.

If you're a newly formed business or startup, you can save up to 25% on bookkeeping plans that are perfectly tailored to meet your startup needs and early stage growth goals.

Supporting owners

Set your new business up to succeed on day one.

It doesn't matter to us if you're launching a new venture on your own terms, taking startup funding or moving things forward in a local incubator - the fact that you've committed to creating something new is a big deal. We know that starting a new business is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things you can do - and at huumans we want to both celebrate that and offer you the support you need to be successful and grow going forward through our 'Startup and New Business Programme'.

  • Balance your books every week
  • Pay employees and contractors
  • Make filing business taxes easier
  • Avoid costly mistakes and penalties
  • Get real-time metrics and reporting
  • Maximize opportunities
  • Minimize risks
  • Know the truth about where you stand
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Supporting decisions

Better decisions, less risk.

Your financial data tells a story. See where you are and where you’re going with dashboards that truly reflect your new business’ current standing. Your books, also known as your ledger, become your primary single source of truth for financial health, risk, and more. Because we reconcile every ledger weekly, huumans is able to generate a true golden record for your new business which can power real world conversations with advisors, partners, lenders and VCs.

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Supporting everyone

We're here to support all new entrepreneurs.

At huumans we want to celebrate and support anyone who has the courage to start something new. This means that determining if you're eligible to join our 'Startup and New Business Programme' is very easy - because we've made it very accessible.

If you are eligible, you can get 25% off our bookkeeping plans in year one (excluding payroll).

Your new business could be eligible for our 'Startup and New Business Programme' if:

  • You have incorporated or registered your business in the last 24 months
  • Your business is registered and based in Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • Your revenue is (or is projected as being) less than $500K per year
  • Your business has received less than $2M in funding or debt financing
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Startup and New Business Partner Programme

Are you an organization that supports or funds startups and new business? Let's talk.

Like you, we're dedicated to making new businesses successful and accessible. If you're a VC (supporting early-stage), Incubator, Accelerator or are an established SMB programme / organization, you can partner with huumans to offer your portfolio of companies startup-friendly pricing, along with the option of partner specific marketing and campaigns with our 'Startup and New Business Partner Programme'.

  • Startup and new business friendly pricing
  • Partner specific marketing and campaigns
  • Real-time metrics and reporting
  • Minimize risks across your portfolio
  • Educate your portfolio on metrics and key numbers
  • Help your portfolio avoid costly mistakes and penalties
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Why huumans?

Work with huumans who really get it.

There’s no sugarcoating it. Running a business is a rewarding, thankless, and lonely experience. But it doesn’t have to be. Mistakes and complications don’t happen in a vaccuum. We’re all huumans - and we all need support, insight and expertise. ‘It’s always been done this way’ doesn’t work for us - and it doesn’t work for you. Let’s change this together!

We’ve been there

We’re not just saying it - our people have built companies just like yours

We love change

New technologies, new solutions - you can trust we’re always ahead

We build services

We’re creating new solutions to meet your changing needs

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