Everything you need, plus deep insight.

Access an ecosystem of services that starts with exceptional bookkeeping and builds to create a simple, clear source of truth, unlocking even greater opportunities for your business.

Flexible services

Get services that scale with your business.

Create a clear pathway for growth. Along with a dedicated team, you’ll have access to a range of essential services that help you put best practices in place, keep your books balanced, stay on top of taxes and make the most of your incredibly accurate data.


Debits and credits reconciled weekly to high standards of accuracy


Access your business insights in one easy-to-understand dashboard


Add payroll to any plan to ensure on-time payment and reporting

Tax returns

Annual business tax returns are included with every plan

Reliable risk profile

Use your accurate books to access custom financial services


One business day e-mail support is included with every plan

Balanced books

Find balance in your books and your business.

Your business has many moving parts and assessing your financial health is more complex that checking your bank balance each morning. Your books are the real source of truth in your business and with huumans they'll will be updated weekly and tripled checked by actual huumans for error and suspicious activity.

Exacting standards

We manually check each transaction, receipt, invoice and refund

Triple-check verification

Your books go through three levels of checks to guarantee accuracy

Single source of truth

Each week we establish and report the true status of your business

Real-time reporting

Trust what you see.

Your data has a story to tell and your personalized visual dashboard will bring all the details into focus. Charts and graphs help you see trends and custom summaries explain the implications in clear, straightforward language. After all, huumans don’t talk to other huumans using jargon or intimidatingly complex accounting speak. Let's keep it simple.


Your dashboard pulls from your current, up-to-the-moment ledger


Review accurate, transparent breakdowns and clear, logical insights


Use this helpful information to make better, more informed decisions

Huumans App Screen

Management and compliance

Run, remit and report payroll.

With reporting and remitting payroll taxes (also known as source deductions), keeping track of Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) along with other incomes and deductions - there’s a lot to manage. Then there’s also year-end T4s and T4As. Partnering with Wagepoint, huumans offer one of the most cost-effective payroll administration packages available. And, should you ever need to issue Records of Employment (ROEs), those are included too.


Rely on dedicated payroll specialists focused on accuracy and speed

Payroll taxes

Reporting and remittances, including CPP, EI and Workers’ Compensation


Our payroll includes annual tax submissions including T4 and T4As

Simplified business taxes

Take care of taxes without taxing your patience.

Don’t spend any more time dreading tax season or scrambling to find last-minute information. When you have the right practices in place all year long and incomes and deductions are properly documented - filing your tax forms is much easier. There are fewer mistakes and, if any questions come up, you have accurate records to review.

Best practices

We’ll create a financial diary for you so you never have to worry

Annual submissions

We’ll file your T2 and act as your representative with the CRA

Sales tax

Sales tax management and reporting starts on our Established plan

Custom financial services

Access the financial services you need more easily.

When your books are accurate, they’re a single source of truth for your financial health. With a lower risk profile, you’ll be able to take advantage of the upcoming services we're developing for businesses just like you. We're working with our customers to design and build great financial products for small businesses, and we'd love your input.

Dedicated support

Ask questions whenever you need.

You have questions, which is why unlimited support is included in every plan. We don’t just promise, we guarantee that most questions will be answered in one business day. (Even with the best intentions there are those tough queries that take a bit longer - but we'll let you know when that happens).

Quick response

Typically within one business day or less straight to your email inbox

Informative replies

Our teams work together to provide complete expertise-driven answers

Long-term solutions

We publish regular in-depth articles and reports relevant to your business