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Simple, responsive, on-demand accounting and bookkeeping expertly done by real humans.

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Our huumans are currently working with:
Xero, Intuit Quickbooks, Wagepoint and Hubdoc

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What makes us huuman?

As business founders ourselves we love cloud accounting software, but know it's just a tool. It's lacking the support real businesses need, so we’ve tried to build the best, most progressive accounting and bookkeeping service that’s ever existed for small to medium businesses. This means:

  • Expert responses - get answers to any question you have in the timeframe you choose.

  • Unlimited support - when you need it, not charged by the hour.

  • Guaranteed response times - get the advice you need fast.

  • 100% email - no additional apps to learn or install, just the things you need straight into your inbox.

  • Pay per month - know what it’s going to cost up front with no nasty surprises or bills, change that cost whenever you or your business need it.

  • On-demand - get friendly advice, opinion and solutions from Canada’s most broadly experienced network of Technologists, Bookkeepers, Payroll Specialists and Chartered Professional Accountants.

  • 100% Cloud - we currently offer support for Xero, Quickbooks, Wagepoint and Hubdoc - with more cloud platforms being added soon.

  • 100% flexible - cancel at any time with no long term commitments or annual contracts.

  • Small business focused - have a team behind you who know the realities of running a real business and how difficult it can be day-to-day.

Our Plans

Like everything at huumans, our plans are simple, flexible and 100% transparent. You can choose the support you need with no hidden costs and change plans whenever it suits you and your business.

Right now all our plans are currently experiencing waitlists due to a high number of applications, but choose a plan below and we'll get you set up as soon as we can.

Don’t worry about choosing the wrong plan - you can always change it later.

Sole Proprietor

Perfect for small unincorporated businesses who are going places

297 per month
  • Up to 50 Monthly Transactions
  • Up to 1 Bank Account
  • Up to 1 Credit Account
  • Expert Support (within 24hrs)*
  • Weekly Summary of Accounts
  • Monthly Reconciliation of Accounts
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Financial Diary Service
  • Financial Data Dashboard Access
  • Year End T1 Prepared
  • Optional Payroll Services 1
  • Optional CRA Audit Support**
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Established Inc

Perfect for incorporated businesses that are going places

497 per month
  • Up to 150 Monthly Transactions
  • Up to 2 Bank Accounts
  • Up to 2 Credit Accounts
  • Expert Support (within 12hrs)*
  • Payroll Services - 1st employee processed for free! 1

Everything included in the Sole Proprietor Plan plus:

  • Recording of Sales Entries
  • Preparation of Sales Tax Return
  • Quarterly Reporting and Virtual Bookkeeper Review
  • Year End T2 Prepared
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Growth Inc

Perfect for growing businesses who need more payroll support

997 per month
  • Up to 500 Monthly Transactions
  • Up to 3 Bank Accounts
  • Up to 3 Credit Accounts
  • Expert Support (within 1hr)*

Everything included in the Established Inc Plan plus:

  • Payroll Services - 1st employee processed for free! 1
  • Monthly Reporting and Virtual Bookkeeper Review
  • Assistance with Bill Payments
  • Accounts Receivable Support
  • Multi-Currency / Global Trade Support
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Scale Inc

Perfect for scaling businesses who need payroll and professional advice

2497 per month
  • Unlimited Monthly Transactions
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Unlimited Credit Accounts
  • Expert Support (within 30min)*

Everything included in the Growth Inc Plan plus:

  • Payroll Services - 1st employee processed for free! 1
  • Annual Virtual Chartered Accountant Review Meeting
  • CFO Advisory / Strategic Financial Support (including Employee Benefits)2
  • Complimentary CRA Audit Support
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Strategy Inc

Perfect for complex businesses who need professional strategic support

  • Unlimited Monthly Transactions
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Unlimited Credit Accounts
  • Expert Priority Support*
  • Expert Payroll Support

Everything included in the Scale Inc Plan plus a range of bespoke services to suit your business including:

  • CFO-as-a-service2
  • Financial Services / Capital Advisory2
  • Chartered Professional Accountant support on-demand3
  • Dedicated financial team4
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1 Additional employees can be added and are costed at flat rate of $45 per employee per month regardless of pay cycle.
CFO-as-a-service, Advisory and other services under regulation are provided by our network of trusted huumans partners
CPA-specific support is scheduled at your convenience, but response times may differ depending on CPA partner availability
A dedicated financial team will be assembled by our trusted partners based on your unique business needs and may change over time

* Response times for support may change or be temporarily altered to reflect things like public holidays or staff illness. In each instance our team will notify anyone affected with as much notice as possible and provide alternative arrangements

** CRA Audit Support can be added to the Sole Proprietor, Small Inc, Established Inc and Growth Inc plans at a cost that reflects the complexity of your business. In each instance our team will help you decide if this support is useful for your business.

All plan pricing is exclusive of GST / HST

How can I sign up?
Simply by choosing the plan you think suits you and your business best and following the steps. When that's all done, we'll let you know that you've been added to the waitlist and what happens next. We're working through our waitlist as quickly as we can and all plans are on a first come first served basis.
When will huumans be open to everyone?
We've had incredible demand for huumans since we started - so much so that we've had to place applications into a waitlist. We've done this because we don't want to deliver sub-standard services to anyone - but we're hoping to make huumans open to everyone very soon!
What makes huumans so different?
We think traditional accounting and bookkeeping services are inefficient, bad with communication and often not responsive to small business founders or to modern business technology. Running a small business is hard enough without unknown costs, a bookkeeper going AWOL when you need them most and overly complicated solutions to simple accounting processes.
Who are huumans?
We’re a team of accountants, bookkeepers, technologists and product designers who have a lot of experience of traditional accounting, bookkeeping and financial services. The founders of huumans have previously founded companies like Wagepoint and Ledgers - so they know how hard it is to run a business and what makes for a good accountant and bookkeeping relationship.
Can I trust huumans?
We take trust and security very seriously and have built huumans around the most secure platforms and processes currently available. Our bookkeepers and accountants are all professionally certified and insured and we make sure that everyone who works at huumans achieves a level of mastery in a broad range of cloud accounting platforms and accounting processes to prevent error. We're certified Xero, Quickbooks and Wagepoint specialists, members of the Canadian Bookkeepers Association (CBA), Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) and an Accredited Business with the Canadian Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our subscription plans are all transacted and verified securely by Stripe, the world's most trusted fully-encrypted online payment provider (PCI Level 1) who also power purchasing at Amazon, Shopify, Google, Wayfair and more. Our staff all use two factor authentication in their day-to-day data processes and we make sure you always remain in administrative control of your private data at all times.
Can I really cancel at any time?
Yes you can! Unlike traditional accounting where you pay an unknown fee at the end of the year depending on how much time your accountant or bookeeper thinks they’ve spent on your business, huumans has a fixed monthly cost. If you decide to cancel for whatever reason, you don’t pay for anything beyond that current month - and we’ll make sure your accounts are ready to be handed over to whoever you work with next.
Why are there transaction limits on the plans?
To make the plans we offer accessible and fair to everyone, we calculate our plan cost based on complexity. Typically the more transactions your business has, then more complex your business is. We found this to be more fair than basing costs on revenue.
I don’t use a cloud accounting platform. Can I still use huumans?
If you're happy for your accounts to move the cloud, then yes. We try to offer the most efficient, high value and accurate accounting and bookkeeping service possible, and to do this we need to use the best of modern cloud accounting software. Right now we support Xero, QuickBooks and Wave with payroll support available for QuickBooks and Wagepoint. We also support Hubdoc for document uploads. Xero, QuickBooks and Wave all offer a good range of cloud accounting options, both paid and free. We feel all businesses would benefit hugely from cloud accounting software, and think it should be a major part of any modern business strategy. We'll work with you and your business to find the right solution.
I use a cloud accounting platform that's not listed. Can I still use huumans?
Not right now. Each platform we add to huumans requires us to master it so we can provide the high level of service we think you deserve. We’ll be adding more platforms over time though, so please be patient!
Do you support e-commerce and POS platforms?
We do where those platforms are integrated into one of our listed cloud accountancy softwares, but we don't currently support software like Shopify or Square directly.
Can I move between plans?
Of course! As your business changes over time, it may make sense to either increase or decrease your plan. You can discuss this at any time and make whatever changes you want month-to-month.
My business isn’t registered in Canada - can I use huumans?
Sadly not right now. We do support multi-national companies, but the parent legal business entity must be registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency.
Does huumans support businesses in Quebec?
Not right now, but we’re hoping to roll out support for Revenu Québec in the coming financial year. Nous sommes très désolés!

Some love for huumans

We try very hard everyday to give our customers the best possible experience we can when it comes to their business. We've become a trusted partner for a large number of founders and owners, who everyday are building unique and amazing things in their communities.

“Great accountancy, simple explanations and advice - whenever I need it!"

Alice R, ON

“Feels like I have a finance assistant looking after my business 24/7”

William, AB

“Great service, I’ve recommended quite a few others to sign up”

Cody, NS