Bookkeeping is just the beginning.

Change your perspective on small business accounting and bookkeeping services forever with innovative processes and transformative technology powered by huumans.

Better bookkeeping

Take care of business.

The real value of managing the ins and outs of your business finances isn’t just making fewer mistakes and keeping better records. Accurate, up-to-the-moment bookkeeping also gives you a clearer picture of of exactly where your business stands - knowledge that’s pivotal to success.

  • Balance your books every week
  • Pay employees and contractors
  • Make filing business taxes easier
  • Avoid costly mistakes and penalties
  • Get real-time metrics and reporting
  • Maximize opportunities
  • Minimize risks
  • Know the truth about where you stand
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Better technology

Make the right decisions.

Your financial data tells a story. See where you are and where you’re going with dashboards that truly reflect your business’ current standing. Your books, also known as your ledger, become your primary single source of truth for financial health, risk, and more. Because we reconcile every ledger weekly, huumans is able to generate a true golden record for your business which can power real world conversations with advisors, brokers, lenders and partners.

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Better solutions

Build a scaleable framework for success.

Bid farewell to piecemeal and patchwork solutions. Take care of your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting needs, get financial data that shows you exactly where you stand today, and empower yourself with systems that not only work for your business now - but will grow with you into the future.

Are you a startup or new business? You may be eligible for our Startup and New Business Programme.


Put best-practices in place for the most accurate ledger possible


Be informed and empowered by accurate, real-time information


Create actionable plans for the future of of your business

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Simple services, simply done.

Minis are quick and easy, one-off services designed for people who don’t need ongoing accounting and bookkeeping support. They’re competitively priced, easy to access and they get the job done. So if you need to get your tax return submitted - or your lender is asking for proof of income - let us help you out. Pay online, get started in seconds!

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Better together

We’ve partnered with the best business solutions so you don’t have to.

From productivity tools to benefits providers, legal platforms to software services we’ve found the best of the best, brokered deals and made them available to our customers.

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Better for business

Look ahead - instead of back over your shoulder.

While you may not know what’s around every corner, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ve got support whenever you need it. With huumans, you’ll have access to an entire team of experts dedicated to working together to give you the right help and direction based on real-time accurate numbers.


of customer business transactions are reconciled weekly in the ledger


of customers trust huumans to support their business


uptime for huumans data services and payroll processing

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Why huumans?

Work with huumans who really get it.

There’s no sugarcoating it. Running a business is a rewarding, thankless, and lonely experience. But it doesn’t have to be. Mistakes and complications don’t happen in a vaccuum. We’re all huumans - and we all need support, insight and expertise. ‘It’s always been done this way’ doesn’t work for us - and it doesn’t work for you. Let’s change this together!

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We’ve been there

We’re not just saying it - our people have built companies just like yours

We love change

New technologies, new solutions - you can trust we’re always ahead

We build services

We’re creating new solutions to meet your changing needs

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Trusted by owners

We work hard for small business.

It's a tough decision to trust another business with your own. Especially when it's trusting someone to run the critical elements of your business that you might not fully understand. At huumans we take that earned trust very seriously, and know that each tax submission, payroll run, or support request can have a massive impact on the success of your business. While we have decades of industry expertise behind the helm, we're dedicated to constantly improving our reliability and accuracy and delivering way beyond traditional expectations.

Craig Garden, founder of Eversio, BC

"Because of their fast response times and easy-to-understand platform, my partner and I spend less time bookkeeping and more time running our business. They are responsive and, most importantly, I trust they will be there when I need them"

Cheryl MacLean, owner of The Marmalade Hotel, NS

"Trustworthy, knowledgeable and most importantly available when we need them, they've made our bookkeeping a seamless process and become an extension of our business"

Marcia Thompson, founder of Junction Collective, ON

"The difference they have made in our business has been tremendous. We now have the reassurance that a knowledgeable and dedicated team is managing our bookkeeping"

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