Who are the humans behind huumans?

We’re a curious mix of technologists, number crunchers, problem solvers and business builders.

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Our huumans are currently working with:
Xero, Intuit Quickbooks, Wave, Wagepoint and Hubdoc

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What is huumans?

When we started working on huumans, we wanted to create a solution that supported not only small businesses, but their founders too - huumans helping humans.

Founding a small business is hard. Running a small business is harder still and achieving success, well - it's not easy. Every single small business founder is at one point pushed to their absolute limit to keep their business alive. They have to become instant experts in finance, customer service, hiring and strategy - as well as the 'thing' their business is known for. It's a rare person who has the courage to take it all on, risk everything and create something original and successful. Founders should be celebrated for choosing the path less chosen, the small business path, and we should also do everything we can to help them succeed.

This is where huumans is born from. We want to give small businesses the best chance to become successful, cheaper to operate and easier to organize. We want to reduce the learning curve a founder needs to navigate - just to keep things going day-to-day. While we can't solve for everything, huumans can help with responsive accountancy and bookkeeping support designed by and for entrepreneurs, a growing archive of smart, personalized resources crafted to decode the business world, and a range of simple plans that can fit any business - no matter the complexity or situation.

If you're a founder, let me tell you this - you're doing a job no-one else could do. You're unique. And if you ever feel overwhelmed or confused - you're not alone, and help is just an email away.

In the end it's about huumans helping humans.

Bill Murphy, CPA Strategy

Bill is the founder of Wagepoint, the first payroll technology company designed for small businesses. Prior to that he was the founder of Ledgers, Canada's largest bookkeeping franchise. A veteran of too many small businesses, Bill knows how important it is to keep the numbers balanced.

Richard Landzaat, CPA Finance

A highly experienced accountant and CFO, Richard previously founded Wagepoint and Summa Financial. Having set up and invested in many small businesses over the years, he knows what essential services look like to small business founders and the pressures they face.

Troy Lutz Community

Troy has spent his career working with small businesses, including his time at Wagepoint where he worked closely with founders to demystify payroll. At huumans, Troy is focused on overseeing community outreach and helping to find and place our amazing huumans team members.

Rob Boynes Product

Rob is a veteran of small-scale start-ups and household-name tech brands, and has built a reputation around creating great accessible products. In huumans world, Rob makes sure that everyones experience of huumans is the best it can be and that everything looks and feels right.

Marius Schatke Technology

Marius has spent many years building some of the world's best cutting edge technology and data products. At huumans he makes sure that everything works as it should, that cloud accounting apps are behaving themselves and that everyones data is safe and protected.

Terry Bachmann, CPA Advisory

Terry was the founding member of both Ledgers and Wagepoint. With over 26 years of experience of accounting, bookkeeping and taxation for small businesses, Terry brings a huge amount of knowledge to huumans and helps keep everything heading in the right direction.

Want to work at huumans?

We've got a pretty clear mission to help small business. But huumans also has a clear mission to build one of the most progressive, inclusive and positive environments for those who choose to spend their time working with us. This means that everyone who joins huumans is offered:

  • Above market renumeration - we also offer equity in huumans so you can own a part of the company

  • 100% remote - work from wherever suits you with the tools you need to get the job done

  • Support when you need it - everyone has access to the mentorship and coaching they need

  • Structured career paths - you control how high you aim and where you go next

  • Progressive environment - we’re committed to being acccessible, equal and transparent

  • Great personal benefits - we offer benefits that cover physical health, mental health, pensions and more

  • Generous, flexible vacation - we believe that everyone should take ownership and responsibility over their own time - and when they do they work at their best

  • Progressive Childcare - we offer everyone the same flexible maternity, paternity or childcare options regardless of their family set up

  • A community - from away days to meetups, we make sure everyone can connect when they need to, in the way they feel most comfortable

Careers at huumans

We're always looking for talented huumans to help us build the future of small business. We're adding new roles all the time, however if you don't see something that suits your background right now - but you still want to join us - drop us an email at careers@huumans.com

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If you’re a bookkeeper with existing clients, huumans can offer a range of options including acquisition, partnerships and contracting. Contact us at careers@huumans.com to have a chat about what the future might look like.