Reliable, regular payroll empowers Small Business

High risk, low reward - payroll is the backbone of any business, but the biggest fail point. Moving to managed payroll can immediately save you time, while also lowering the chance of fatal financial errors.


"Without the support of the experts at huumans, I would never have been able to get a handle on things."

Anna Sinclair CEO Total Mom Inc

Mindfully managed

Effective, efficient payroll at best-in-industry prices

Reliable payroll is great, but not when it costs the earth. At huumans, we price our payroll for Small Business owners - not big corporations. There's no deposits, holds or hidden administrative fees, just a single price per employee that scales with your business. Add in free unlimited support and our on-time every time guarantee - and you have one less thing to worry about. 

Start saving on your payroll immediately - with easy migration and a dedicated team - from just:

$30 per employee for your first 10 employees

$20 per employee for employees 10-20

$10 per employee beyond employee 20

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  • monthly plans

Combine your payroll with other Business Services and access big savings

All our monthly Business Services plans come with discounted payroll. Simply migrate your business to huumans and gain - not only best-in-industry bookkeeping, tax and business support - but also payroll pricing starting at only $20 per employee. 

At huumans, we help companies reconcile their accounts, plan and file their taxes, pay their staff, build employee benefit plans, invest profits, get strategic advice when they need it, prevent fraud, coordinate payments, manage business spending, build budgets and much more.

All our plans include tax returns, group benefit savings and unlimited business-wide support, and migrating your business can take under a week with our dedicated onboarding teams. 

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  1. Step One

    Free Consultation

    Choose a time for a video call using our online booking system

  2. Step Two

    Set up billing

    Manage your billing preferences using our secure online portal

  3. Step Three

    Set up accounts

    Our onboarding team will get everything set up in a few easy steps

  4. Step Four

    All done!

    We’ll start work on your books and begin weekly reconciliation

  • monthly plans


When you’re just keeping it simple.

$397 per month
+tax CAD
  • 50 transactions p/m
  • AI-powered analysis
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Payroll starting at $20
  • Unlimited Support
  • monthly plans


Designed for smooth scaling.

$597 per month
+tax CAD
  • 200 transactions p/m
  • AI-powered analysis
  • Sales tax returns
  • Sales entry recording
  • Quarterly review
  • monthly plans


As your markets get more complex.

$1097 per month
+tax CAD
  • 400 transactions p/m
  • AI-powered analysis
  • Accounts receivable / payable
  • Multi-currency support
  • Monthly review
  • monthly plans


When you need specialized advice.

$2497 per month
+tax CAD
  • 600 transactions p/m
  • AI-powered analysis
  • CPA strategic support
  • CRA audit support
  • Employee benefit support
  • monthly plans


Perfectly tailored for franchises and groups.

$POA per month
+tax CAD
  • Scaleable services
  • Group AI-powered analysis
  • Multi-plan discounts
  • CFO-as-a-service
  • CPA on-demand
  • Minis

Our single ‘mini’ services 
are for anyone who needs 
one-off expert support

One service, one cost, on-demand. It really is that simple. Choose a service, check-out online and select a time that works for you - and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee it’s the simplest and safest way to get expert support.

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Accessible, secure video calls
Cloud accountancy compatibility
On-demand access to certified experts
Quick turnaround

  1. Step One

    Check-out online

    Choose a service and check-out securely online

  2. Step Two

    Choose a time

    Choose a time for a video call using our online booking system

  3. Step Three

    Meet your expert

    Share your screen securely and get the answers you need

  4. Step Four

    All done!

    We’ll send through any applicable documents you require

  • minis

Payroll Consultation

"I'm getting worried I'm not doing my payroll properly - there must be a simpler way"

$60 single cost
+tax CAD

Payroll can be tricky. Why not speak with one of our Payroll experts and get tips on how to make payroll easier in your business.

  • minis

Accountant Consultation

"I wish someone would answer my business questions in a simple way"

$200 single cost
+tax CAD

Get expert advice and ask the questions you need from a friendly Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

Better business

Your books are the single biggest point of failure in your business

Unrecognized fraud. Missed payrolls. Unplanned expense spending. Missing revenues. Failed cashflows. All of these things can kill a Small Business, yet all of these things can be easily prevented with expert diligence and powerful technology.

Powered by huumans

We reconcile our clients books weekly with a triple-check verification process designed to catch 99.9% of human error. Those reconciled transactions then get filtered into Quota, giving you a real time compilation for your business that breaks down profits, losses and ratios.

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