Smart Financial Services drive smart business growth

Knowing what to do with your revenues is just as important as driving them. At huumans we're building an integrated ecosystem of smart services that can superpower your business and help support your long term growth.

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"Every business can benefit from integrated Financial Services, no matter what their revenues or industry"

Ryan Ackers, huumans financial services

Accessible financial services are often the difference between 
success and failure

Being a Small Business, it can be hard to get access to affordable or useful financial services. We’re working hard to bring cost-effective essentials to Small Businesses owners that have big impact - yet perfectly fit your business.

Credit and health cards


From health spending accounts to group health benefits - group retirement plans to wellness spending, we can help keep employees engaged and secure in their future.


Wealth management isn’t just for the 1% - everyone can benefit. From family office support to investing recent operating profits, we can help with your financial planning needs.

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If you’re looking to raise money, planning a succession for your business, buying another business - or simply trying to work out the best way to grow your business - we have a solution.

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Corporate Banking

Lending money for any Small Business is always a huge challenge.

Small Business is seen as risky to lenders, but it doesn't have to be that way.

We’re building a better banking infrastructure that is designed for - and can support - Small Business at any stage of development, through smart analysis and real time reporting.

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Better inc credit card

Better Financial Services

It's time to integrate your Financial Services into your business operations

Services that adapt to your business processes, models and cycles - in real time - are now possible when you integrate huumans Financial Services with our award winning Business Services.  

Xero quickbooks powered by quota

We help companies reconcile their accounts, plan and file their taxes, pay their staff, build employee benefit plans, invest profits, get strategic advice when they need it, prevent fraud, coordinate payments, manage business spending, build budgets and much more.

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"Because of their fast response times and easy-to-understand platform, my partner and I spend less time on the numbers and more time running our business. I trust they will be there when I need them"

Craig Garden
founder of Eversio

"Trustworthy, knowledgeable and most importantly available when we need them, they've made our finances a seamless process and become an extension of our business"

Cheryl MacLean
owner of The Marmalade Hotel

"The difference they have made in our business has been tremendous. We now have the reassurance that a knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts is managing our finances day-to-day"

Marcia Thompson
founder of Junction Collective