Starting a new business doesn't need to be complex

Choosing to register or incorporate your business is the first step in your businesses future. We can help you make that leap - and with a free business consultation included, it’s a smart choice.

Starting better

Register or Incorporate now with an expert team that can help 

Setting up a new business can be an excited if not terrifying time for a business owner. 
At huumans we recommend setting up your business properly from the start to give you the best chance of success in your new venture. We've partnered with Canada's most respected Incorporation parter, OWNR, to make sure you get all the legal support you need to register your new business in the right way. From Provincial to Federal registration, we've got your new business covered. 

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All our partner services include:

Free expert consultation
Trusted, tested services
No hidden fees or commitments
Secure online payments
Partner Guarantee

  1. Step One

    Free Consultation

    Let us help you decide what services your new business needs

  2. Step Two

    Access OWNR

    Use OWNRs simple registration wizard

  3. Step Three


    Use OWNRs secure checkout process to finish your set-up

  4. Step Four

    All done!

    Get your registration / incorporation documents

Can’t I just incorporate my business myself?
Absolutely. But it takes time and navigating incorporation can be tricky. Errors in incorporation are easy to make, and can be costly to fix. OWNRs expert team has incorporated thousands of businesses, and this service gives you access to their experience.

Does this service incorporate my business legally in the Canada?
Yes. We’ve partnered with OWNR, one of the biggest incorporation firms in Canada to provide a legitimate, safe and reliable means to registering or incorporating a business.

Do you support new businesses in another other ways?
We’re a big supporter of startups and new businesses. In fact, if you’re incorporating a new business, you may benefit from our Startup and New Business Programme, which offers new businesses significant discounts on bookkeeping and support.

Like huumans, OWNR offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with the service you receive using OWNR, let them know within 60 days and they will refund their fee.

Start your business right with our Startup and New Business Programme

Setting up your books. Creating best practice. Establishing Payroll. Preparing your Tax accounts. Providing unlimited business support from day one. These are just some of the Business Services that huumans offers businesses like yours, and with our Startup and New Business Programme, you can access our inter-connected range of services at a price which suits your new venture. 

We know the cost of doing business, and we also know how cash flow impacts newly created businesses. At huumans, we're dedicated to making running a successful Small Business as accessible as possible. 

Your business could be eligible for 25% off all our Business Services in year one (excluding payroll). 

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  • monthly plans


When you’re just keeping it simple.

$397 per month
+tax CAD
  • 50 transactions p/m
  • AI-powered analysis
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Payroll starting at $20
  • Unlimited Support
  • monthly plans


Designed for smooth scaling.

$597 per month
+tax CAD
  • 200 transactions p/m
  • AI-powered analysis
  • Sales tax returns
  • Sales entry recording
  • Quarterly review
  • monthly plans


As your markets get more complex.

$1097 per month
+tax CAD
  • 400 transactions p/m
  • AI-powered analysis
  • Accounts receivable / payable
  • Multi-currency support
  • Monthly review
  • minis

Business Health Check

"I need to work out if my business is running efficiently"

$200 single cost
+tax CAD

Get expert advice on your businesses health with a private 1 hour consultation with one of our Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)

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Bookkeeping Consultation

"I want to understand how to manage my finances better"

$60 single cost
+tax CAD

During this one-hour consultation, our experienced bookkeepers will provide you with expert advice on how to manage your finances more effectively.

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Accountant Consultation

"I wish someone would answer my business questions in a simple way"

$200 single cost
+tax CAD

Get expert advice and ask the questions you need from a friendly Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

Better for business

The connectivity of your Business Services can drastically effect daily operations

Unrecognized fraud. Missed payrolls. Unplanned expense spending. Missing revenues. Failed cashflows. Ineffective Benefits. High rate lending. Excessive taxes. Leaving money on the table. All of these things can kill a Small Business, yet all of these things can be easily prevented through smart interconnected services that ensure nothing is missed. 

At huumans we design and build an ecosystem of Business Services that work with your business today and scale into tomorrow. From weekly, triple-check verification bookkeeping to group benefit rates to AI-driven business data monitoring, you can relax knowing that alll aspects of your business are being supported and checked. 

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