Insights into your business you never thought possible

From instant Revenue figures to accurate Payroll costs, real-time Cost Of Goods Sold, Profits per Square Foot and industry-wide, geo-centric business benchmarks - our Data Services can power your decision making.

Better integrations

From AI to POS to Cloud, we’re developing and partnering with the tech 
you need to get ahead

Choosing and integrating technology into your business can be a daunting and expensive process. We help owners embed the most effective and efficient technology into their business without the guess-work.

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Smarter insights

Say hello to Quota.
The future of smarter Small Business ownership. 

Our Quota platform allows any Small Business owner to see the real-time status of their business through easy to understand breakdowns and ratios. Nationwide benchmarks show you where you stand against your competitors, and for Franchises and Groups, internal benchmarking gives hyper-detailed context. 

Xero quickbooks powered by quota

Integrated directly into any businesses chart of accounts, Quota does the hard work of compiling your business in real time. This compilation can then be used for Financial Service assessment, partnerships, M&A, succession planning and accurate advisory. Access to Quota is free for all huumans customers. 

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