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As a Total Mom Inc member, you can get 25% off all huumans bookkeeping plans for one year, providing you with the business support you need to succeed.

Better together

huumans and Total Mom Inc are both on a mission to help small business owners.

Running a small business is hard. Really hard. So the last thing you need is to be working with people who aren't there to make things easier day-to-day. Both Total Mom Inc and huumans have long standing missions to make running a small business more accessible to everyday people - so you can count on us to be working together to make your new business the best it can be.

Anna Sinclair, CEO of Total Mom Inc

"As a busy working mom with two boys under 7 who's running her own business, getting my business finances together was the most crucial part of Total Mom's growth. Everything started working when I let other people come in and help me with the numbers. When you can see what you are spending, what you are making and where your business can go through projections, you can make the right decisions to scale. Without the support of knowledgeable bookkeepers, software and accountants, I would have never been able to get a handle on what was coming in and out. Now I have a clear understanding through financial modelling where the business and going and feel confident in what my personal and professional goals and activities are so I can be set up for success".

Anna Sinclair is an Award-winning Entrepreneur, TOP 100 Most Powerful Women In Canada, CEO of Total Mom Inc, Forbes Contributor & Business Council Member and Early-stage Investor

Better bookkeeping

Take care of business.

The real value of managing the ins and outs of your business finances isn’t just making fewer mistakes and keeping better records. Accurate, up-to-the-moment bookkeeping also gives you a clearer picture of of exactly where your business stands - knowledge that’s pivotal to success.

  • 25% off all bookkeeping plans for one year
  • Balance your books every week
  • Make filling business taxes easier
  • Avoid costly mistakes and penalties
  • Get real-time metrics and reporting
  • Know the truth about where you stand
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Better technology

Make the right decisions.

Your financial data tells a story. See where you are and where you’re going with dashboards that truly reflect your business’ current standing. Your books, also known as your ledger, become your primary single source of truth for financial health, risk, and more. Because we reconcile every ledger weekly, huumans is able to generate a true golden record for your business which can power real world conversations with advisors, brokers, lenders and partners.

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Why huumans?

Work with huumans who really get it.

There’s no sugarcoating it. Running a business is a rewarding, thankless, and lonely experience. But it doesn’t have to be. Mistakes and complications don’t happen in a vaccuum. We’re all huumans - and we all need support, insight and expertise. ‘It’s always been done this way’ doesn’t work for us - and it doesn’t work for you. Let’s change this together!

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